Sunday, May 9, 2010


Our last day in Aix started out rainy. We ate our crepes under a bus stop to keep out of the rain. Our first stop was to the local market to pick up some lunch supplies: Baguettes, cheese, strawberries, peas etc. Everything is so fresh and delicious- I ate well in France. We headed up to Cezanne’s last studio which was on a hill right out of the center of the city. It was closed, and it was still raining, so we hiked up a little further to the look out point where Cezanne painted montagne Sainte-Victoire and when we got there it was tool cloudy to see anything. BUT miraculously the sun broke through! I dried up the rain and we got to enjoy a beautiful view while we ate our beautiful lunch!

On our way back down to the center we passed the studio and it was open! I now have high standards to what a painter’s studio should be. After Cezanne’s death the studio never changed- it’s exactly the way he left it. Later that afternoon Michael and I spent our time with a glass of wine in an outside cafĂ© and people watched- it was a beautiful ending to a beautiful day.

View of Sainte-Victoire

Clear sky!

Still life and patio of Cezanne's studio.

A fountain and a park in Aix.

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