Monday, February 15, 2010

Carnivale in Venice

On the morning of the second day we wanted to visit the San Marco Cathedral first but since it was high tide the piazza we couldn’t get to it. We all split up at that point: 1. because it was to freak’n crowded and 2. we all wanted to do our own thing. My thing was to look in stationary stores and sitting in the sun with my sketchbook.

Colorful houses in Burano - Glass blowing demonstration

We all took a boat tour of the three other major islands off of Venice. The first was Morano, which is famous for its glass. We had a glass blowing demonstration and I picked up a couple of glass things. The second island was Burano which was were the first Venetians settled and there are some old churches there, this place seems far away from everything and desolate. The third island is famous for its lace and for the very colorful fisherman’s houses. As we were waiting for the boat to pick us up I walked down the pier a ways and saw a beautiful sunset. It looked like Monet’s Impressionist Sunset (which he did in Venice). I had a moment I guess.

That night we participated in the activities of partying in the streets of Venice. Masquerade!

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