Sunday, December 13, 2009

Midterms are this week here at CSU Firenze. I am not to worried about it (yet), I have my large painting pretty much finished for my Tuesday critique, and on Wednesday and Thursday I will have the bigger tests. Then Winter Break!
I will have my sister here with me for most of the time and we will be going to Paris and Rome! I am always excited to go and see a new country.
I have pretty much finished with Christmas shopping; everything is wrapped in newspaper and ready to go.
I attempted baking this week: Cranberry Orange Bread! A traditional Christmas treat for my family. I hit a few snags: we don't have a bread pan, the stores here don't sell fresh cranberries, I didn't know what 'baking soda" was in Italian and we have no measuring utensils in our house either. So I got Orange Currant Muffins that turned green. Can you explain this to me? Because I don't know how that happened!
Today I am going to attempt Gingerbread! I already got the translations for my ingredients but the grocery store will probably be closed...

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