Monday, October 19, 2009

on our way to Rome...Tarquinia

My bus group looking towards where the acropolus would have been,
Toby - Amanda

A flower child - Chelsea

In Tarquinia we visited an Etruscan Museum and the necropolus near by. They are underground tombs and burial areas. We had lots of time here so after we saw the tombs Amanda Chelsea and I laid in the grass and soaked up the precious sun. It was wonderful!
Tarquini (Etruscan Tarchnal) Is said to have been already a flourishing city when Demaratus of Corinth brought in Greek workmen. It was the chief of the twelve cities of Etruria, And appears in The Earliest History of Rome As the home of two of its kings, Tarquinius Priscus and Tarquinius Superbus. From it many of the religious rites and ceremonies of Rome are said to have been derived, and even in imperial times a collegium of sixty haruspices continued to exist there. The people of Tarquins and Veii attempted to restore Tarquinius Superbus to the throne after his expulsion.
The Etruscan necropolises, With some 6.000 tombs, 60 of which include wall paintings.
HERE for more information on this place