Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day Tripper- continued

At the end of our day trip we stopped at Maiavelli's tavern and home for a traditional Tuscan four course meal.
1. Several different types of brusetta- some with patte, cheese, crushed olives...
2Bold. A hearty tuscan bean soup- my favorite
3. Meat eaters got an asortment of meats and potatos and I had an eggplant parmasean dish.
4. For dessert we had bisscotti and dipped it into some very strong dessert wine.
Did you know that the average alcohol percentage in wine is 9-12. Gotta be careful.
After dinner we toured Machiavelli's house were he wrote "The Prince" when he was exhiled out of Florence. It was all very interesting and I encourage you all visit as well.