Thursday, September 17, 2009


Bonjourno raggazi!
Thought I would give an author update.
Overall everything is going ok. My roomies are still pretty awesome and we still cook for each other everyday. I even tried my hand at making a comunal dinner last night- a baked pasta thing- I got a thumbs up. My foot is getting better, which is good because I am participating in a breast cancer walk and a soccer tournament in the next month.
My roomates and I went to see Harry Potter a couple of nights ago which was great, in english with Italian sub-titles.
I am getting really frustrated with learning Italian, we are just moving so quickly I can't really keep up or retain things like I feel like I should. I'm worried but my teacher isn't at all- I'll get it eventually...right?
And of course I miss my people. Comment, email, write letters! I would like to know how you are all doing!
Ooo, and I got a sweet new backpack (as seen here). It was on sale- probably because of its atrocious color!