Sunday, September 6, 2009


Sorry it has been so long since I last updated! The WiFi in my building is having trouble and my landlady said it would be up sometime on Monday- cross your fingers! If its not I will be bringing my computer to school and trying to connect there. I have been keeping a journal and taking lots of pictures so you all can see what I am up to!
I'm moved into my place and we have cleaned it and re-arranged the furniture so it feels a lot more like a home. We have "family" meals together- its just a lot of fun. I have picked out some good people to live with. You will see there faces soon.
Its finally started to cool off a bit- its still hot- but the breeze is lovely!
I have a pretty good sense of how to get around now and I lead my friends everywhere. I still eat gelato every night and have a different flavor everyday. 
I'll be able to share more soon!