Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hello all! I'm hear!
Italy looks like all the pictures you see. It is so sereal that I am even here the buildings are gorgeous and old . There is just so much detail. The Duomo is huge! I was in awe. You can't take your eyes off it. I eat galatto every night and walk around the city.
I drank some very good wine last night in the Piazza Republica (I think thats its name). To celebrate with my new roomates! We have a great old place it is 1300 years old and is some how connected to the Medici family. I'll find out for you.
It is a very good price with all the utilities included- which is crazy. I'll post pictures of it when we move in on Monday. I actually have more soon so there is more of an illustration of what I am experiencing.
My Italian classes start on Tuesday so I will be on track to become a little Italian!
(spell check is messed up so just ignore the messed up words)