Saturday, February 16, 2008

Today was a much better day for my garden. Intially when I began to "fix" it, it was worse then I thought and everything looked a little pathetic. But this morning I picked up all the remains from the tree trimming, reconstructed the path and cleaned and put the pots and furniture back where it belonged. I even layed down new bark on the path to freshen it up, I also got new flowers to replace the ones that were lost, there are even new elements that you have to see for yourself!( come visit me!) I want everything to settle in before I post any picures of it. I did talk to my landlord Mr. H, and he told me when he saw the damage yesterday that he was also very disappointed, complained to the men who did the job and in the end did NOT pay them for their lousy job! I just need to get my cottage cleaned up next, I am the one who did damage there.