Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Well- the show was a success. I wanted to give a HUGE Thanks to everyone who Helped, Supported and Came out to my show. It really means so much to me to see how much you all care. It would not have happened with out you. Specifically:

  • The Dirty Brushes (Kelsey, Drew, Mary Ann, Miranda, Teresa…not sure I could have done it without you guys)
  • Gale (For support and helping be kick ass)
  • Robert (For helping me think in a different way)
  • The Art Foundry (For teaching me essential skills)
  • Amy (For helping me keep calm and spreading the word)
  • My Parents (For always supporting my art and always helping in anyway they can- I will forever be grateful)
  • My work colleague
  • My customers
  • My Friends! (Rosie, Michael and Chelsea! I was so happy that you came to support me- It meant more to me then you know)

I hope you all enjoyed what you saw and Thanks again for a wonderful evening!

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