Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I start back to college in one week! It is crazy how fast the summer went by and it is also crazy that my 24 self it still in an art major...what can I say. I am going to be super major busy this next semester/ year. I have decided to take on two jobs and a full load of classes- we shall see how long my sanity lasts. I think it will be good.
The cottage is coming along, I am waiting for more things to put on the walls and for my funds to become larger so I can 'finish' it. I would like to paint the kitchen and stuff eventualy.
The garden is also looking pretty good- things are growing but I have many ideas for the next spring! I also have attempted growing pumpkins (which I planted too late and probablt wont get any or they will be ready in January)
i have started missing Italy. The way of life I lived there and how people in general go about there days: walking to the market, sipping espresso's and having fantastic pizza dinners at 9:30 at night...hem.
I have lots of ideas for my upcoming art projects and 'life' projects and I am excited to share them with you!

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