Monday, May 17, 2010


Our second day in Prague was filled with sight seeing. We took a free tour with New Europe. It is really great they do free tours that take you to the more popular sights in the city but they also offer more specific tours that you pay for. I am going to go with them in Dublin and London too!
Anyways-They city is full of history that I never knew and I really enjoyed the things that we learned. In the Jewish quarter there is a legend about a Golem! And a legend about a Mary statue helping get a man's arm cut off.
After the tour Chelsea and I crossed the river and got Starbucks (of course) with some delicious street pastries!
The John Lennon wall was the best! It is dedicated to John and all his work towards music and peace. As and artist is was eye candy and we spent so much time there looking at all the details.
That evening we dined out at the fancy Municipal Hall Cafe- they had live music and we shared a table with an adorable French couple...a Praha.

Our tour guide Kate

Tyn Church

Astrological Tower

Art Nouveu and cubist Architecture

Jewish Destrict

Prague Castle

Trdelnik! Yummy pastry thing!

hhmmm...I like this paper

John Lennon Wall

Crowded Charles Church

Metro Stops

Municipal Hall Cafe

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