Friday, April 9, 2010

Tour of Northern Italy with Mom and Dad

We left the Fribefore Easter and spent a short day in Milan. ( I forgot my camera) We visited the Cathedral, which is the only on in Italy in the Gothic style. Just Beautiful. We also saw the Last Supper! It was so crazy to actually see it in real life! See it if you can!

First afternoon in Varenna

Fiumelatte is a river in northern Italy. It flows from a cavity in the Grigna into Lake Como, just south of Varenna. The name Fiumelatte, composed from fiume (Italian for "river") and latte ("milk"), is due to the milky white color of its water. One of the river's peculiarities is its annual intermittency: it usually dries in the middle of October to reappear in the second half of March; therefore it has been given the nickname Fiume delle due Madonne ("River of the two Madonnas"), alluding to the festivities of Annunciation (March 25) and Madonna del Rosario (October 7). This phenomenon could imply that the river is the vent of an unexplored underground cavity in the Grigna, which gets periodically filled.
The river is mentioned by the name Fiumelaccio in Leonardo da Vinci's Atlantic Codex.

Happy Easter! Lake Como was cold, grey and wet. We went to an Easter service at a local church and then set out to explore Menaggio. Which was also equally cold grey and wet. But nice to see a different town.

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