Sunday, January 10, 2010

Roma con mi Sorella

On the first night we were in Rome I took Amy to a couple of places that are cool to see at night: The Trevi fountain, Pantheon and the Spanish steps. We had dinner in a local osteria.
Trevi Fountain at night

The next day we started out early because we had a lot to see. We began at the Colosseum, which is pretty awesome no matter how many times you have seen it. Amy got a guided tour from a rented microphone which was very helpful.

The Colosseum

The mouth of Truth
I had to come here to see this because of the scene from Roman Holiday! Amy had not see it until the night before we left for Roma and loved it too! Its not exactly exciting but cool to be in a place they filmed such a good movie.

A Typical Cafe - The remains of Colossus

In the Capitalini Museum

Trevi Fountain by Day
Fountain of the Four Rivers

Amy and Caravaggio
I wanted Amy to see these paintings because they show how these masterpieces were displayed in a real context.

Walking along the Tiber

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