Friday, January 8, 2010

Paris - Jour 4

Our fourth day in Paris was a wrap up of the things we had missed so far; we probably could have taken a whole week see everything.We started early and went to Saint Chappelle early. A beautiful church surrounded by The Department of Justice, which made getting in a little difficult but not a big deal. The windows covered most of the space of the church and were lovely, but at least seven windows (including the front) were covered for restorations! Plus it was cloudy outside so we did not get the full inpact of the windows.
We headed back to the area of our hostel- Montemarte. This is the home of the notorious Moulon Rouge and Sacre Coer. The Church on the top of thi hill provides a beatiful view of the city with lots of tourists! This area also had odd shops and restaurants, it is more of a bohimian area in Paris. This is where the artists hung out in the early 1900’s- Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Dali. This was probably one of my favorite spots in Paris. There are only two windmills left in Montemarte: One is the Moulon Rouge and the other tops a cafe near Sacre Coer (see if you can find it someday when you go).
We headed down the hill towards the Hostel to pick up our bags and we saw Amelie’s Cafe from the movie Amelie. As well as the Moulon Rouge- a huge tourist trap! (But still cool to see) We had Starbucks there (across the street) thay seem to be in all the big areas – thats new and different!

Saint Chapelle
The Seine
One of the last Metro Stations with the roof - Sacre Coer

Amelie's Cafe

Amelie Trailer

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