Wednesday, January 27, 2010

General update

It is coming to the end of my first official semester in Florence. Finals are looming along with the dreaded Italian speeches (which I hate the most!) Italian is Really proving to be a big challenge for me, I honestly was not expecting that. I have 2 art history finals one of which I need to nail! So I am a little 'nervoso'. I am also working on the last painting of a four part series. The third was terribly difficult for me to finish but this one is all 'gung ho'.
I am looking forward to starting a new theme for next semester's painting series. I want to include the body!
In a lot of ways being in Italy is easier and more fun then back home: staying up late and getting up late, not working at the crack of dawn, hanging around with my awesome friends and getting to travel! But there is also a difficult side too: the language, Italian grammar, not having family near to you and not working (extra money issue).
I try so hard to stay positive and in the moment - Carpe Diem! And most of the time it works. But man when you don't catch anything in a conversation and you are homesick for the old can be tough.
But tomorrow night we are having another pot-luck dinner at our place and its Mexican Night! Tacos and Margaritas all around! Happy to be spending time with my friends!
I am hoping to come away from this experience being more worldly and un-afraid of the un-known. Plus to be a positive as I can be!