Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve in Florence

We started out at the Academia to see David. He really is everything that people say he is. Your jaw drops when you see him for the first time. He really is a beautiful sculpture, I sat a sketched him for a long time. The other sections of the museum included an instrument museum, including a Stratavira violin. There was also an exhibition of Mapplethorpe photography. As well as the old sculpture school filled with past student's work.
We had to go and run errands after but at four we went to a Christmas concert at the Theator Verdi which across the street from my house. It was all in Italian with a classical orchestra and choir and opera singers. It was lovely.
At six we ran over to the Duomo for Mass. I could understand some of the words put it was easy to follow what was going on. Tradition.

At the Christmas concert!

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