Monday, November 9, 2009

A private tour of the Uffizi !

My Museum Studies class had a private tour of the Uffizi from our professor (who is one of the curators) The museum was closed to the public so we literally had it all to ourselves
Unloading a painting -Painting by: Leonardo Gttuso

Scuplture by: Marino Marini - A frescoe that has been removed from its original place in a villa.
The first Corridor
Photographing a sculpture after restoration - Moving a bust
Ognissanti Madonna 1310 - Madonna del Solietico 1426

Two "Annunciation" the right one is by: Leonardo da Vinci
Fortitude 1470
2 by: Botticelli - Spring - The Birth of Venus
unfinished painting by: Da Vinci - Adam and Eve by: Lukas Cranach il Vecchio

Views from inside the Uffizi
Self portrait of Rafael

Venus of Urbino 1530 by:Tiziano & Amanda - Storage room
Getting a painting ready to hang - Micheal


Amy said...

I am stoked to see the birth of venus! When I was looking at the Uffizi website I saw that it was there and got excited!

Anonymous said...

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