Monday, September 21, 2009

Today I went on another long walk. I was in search for somthing green. There aren't a lot of parks or trees in the center of the city. I found one really far from where I live but it was worth it. I sat and enjoyed the breeze and nature. There were lots of couples around and on my way home I found chesnuts! (obviously fallen from the chesnut tree).I just thought that was out of the ordinary.
I came home and made my roomies dinner-salad and Frittta! I was inspired for the recipe by the cooking lesson I went to with my sister, aunt Karen and my mom for her birthday in Sonoma. It went over well. It was a very healthy dinner.
I made baked macaroni n' cheese last night- and it was ok- you can't make it right if you don't have cheddar- NO CHEDDAR!