Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am listening to NPR and they are in San Fransisco- they mentioned briefly the wild parrots that live in the different areas in the city. I have actually seen a flock of them! It was in Lafayette park I was sitting and drawing some trees and there they were- they flew into a big eucalyptus tree across the street. You should go and try to find them!Ooo! there is even a movie!--->Here
Thu, Apr 30, 2009 -- 8:00 PM
The Traveling Radio Show Goes to San Francisco The Traveling Radio Show Goes to San Francisco -- This unique, offbeat travelogue series explores the unusual aspects of the City by the Bay. The show visits Musee Mechanique, Trannyshack, Anchor Steam and much more. Listeners will get an insiders view, and hear from the people and locales that make up the remarkable place known as Fog City. The program packs a potent combination of living sound, great stories and light-hearted humor.