Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Today is the day to do something sweet for our mother Earth!
Here are a couple Ideas From Martha--->Do Just One Thing
What I am doing today--->
*Riding my bike and using public Transportation
*unplugging all appliances (no vampires here)
*eating all organic (trying for all local)
*no wasted water (no dish cleaning! {I actually save water so I can water my plants})
What I have done since last Earth Day--->
*Used only reusable Grocery bags
* Bought Local produce from the Local Farmers Market every week
* Eaten 80% Organic diet

Every body should get educated-
I also organized a raffle through my Starbucks for customers who bring in their personal mugs- they have a chance to win one free drink per day for a week! Sounds like a sweet deal huh?! If you are local stop by.