Saturday, March 28, 2009

My mini getaway...

A long time ago a science class took a field trip to the Stinson Beach area- to look at tide pools and nesting Egrets. Today I decided to visit some of those places we stopped. I found the beach with the great tide pools- unfortunately they were underwater because of high tide. I did walk along the beach which was still very nice.
I then decided to see if the Egrets were even nesting yet- I'm so glad I did! Audubon Canyon Ranch is very close to Bolinas (where the beach was) I drove up and they told me that the Egrets were two weeks late but they started to fly in this morning and were doing their mating ritual! (I think they may have been waiting for me) On the hike up to the viewing platform I identified the wild flowers that were blooming, lots of wild Iris.
Those birds are so beautiful. Bright white with long lowing feathers. They nest in the same tree every year and the 'early birds' were already mating and building up their nests. I have to say I felt pretty special to witness this.
Back at the center they had a bird screen set up for the other local birds in the area. I saw mountain blue jays, mourning doves, hummingbirds, sparrows and chipmunks all eating together!
On the way back I wanted to eat lunch on the beach but because it was such a beautiful day everyone and their mother were out and I couldn't ind parking anywhere. So I ate in the car and headed home. I had a nice day doing just the things I wanted to do.