Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So my mom is a mini celeb in the local paper in Yuba City! She was interviewed for being a bike commuter, she saves the environment a bike ride at a time!

-Linda Seeman, 60, of Yuba City came into Van's to get the back tire pumped up on her "comfortable" hybrid mountain and road bike on Tuesday. It takes her about 12 minutes to drive to work and 20 to ride her bike, she said.
She has been biking to work three days a week since May and said it can be dangerous when drivers don't pay attention. Instead, Seeman is more aware of her surroundings and makes eye contact with drivers to stay safe.
"So far — knock on wood — I haven't had any bad experiences," she said.
Seeman said she the exercise she gets from riding, helping the environment and saving money.
"I think it all boils down to gas prices have increased," she said. "I think, 'Why not ride my bike?'"-