Friday, April 25, 2008

Starbucks – Blending Coffee with Conservation
Starbucks – Blending Coffee with ConservationIs African coffee strong enough to make it in the global marketplace? Jus
t ask Starbucks. Arguably, the best quality Arabica coffee on earth grows in east Africa’s volcanic soils – coffee so good, it is often blended with lesser beans to boost their favor. So when a new law propositioned that Kenya’s coffee growers sell their coffee beans directly to the market, AWF jumped on the opportunity. A couple of years later, AWF is helping local growers produce coffee for Starbucks.
A Boon for People and WildlifeFor the people of the Kilimanjaro and Samburu Heartlands, growing and marketing coffee in an international marketplace is a chance to secure a better livelihood for farmers, slow the destruction of the Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro forests, secure critical watersheds, protect elephant corridors, and reduce human-wildlife conflict.