Monday, March 24, 2008

SO I have found this absolutely fantastic website! ETSY Everything is hand crafted and unique. This supports hard working individuals rather then big businesses were everything looks the same. I have already ordered a few things from the site including the cupkozy. I have a list of things saved so I can order one thing each pay day!
Yesterday was Easter and I made it through. We did the typical things except for the addition of the Colonel. Mom worked really hard and made the day very special with her very tasty food that she made from scratch the day before, GOOD JOB MOM.It was a gorgeous day and we all stayed outside for most of it. They have started construction on near by land, it is all rather depressing. But we visited Grandpa and he had the best bouquet of flowers in the whole cemetery. I brought some of Grandmas lilacs home with me and they look perfect in this vase my mom made.